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In the English Countryside - Early afternoon and I decided to look around a village on the other side of the escarpment.

Guanajuato Mexico Land Of History - The history of Mexico is full of vibrant episodes along its history; beginning with the first indigenous settlers arriving from the north of the continent, continuing with the Colonial period started by the arrival and occupation of the lands that.

Holland Beyond Amsterdam - When people think of Holland, Amsterdam is usually the first place that comes to mind.

Suggestions for Cheap Accommodation During the Edinburgh Festival - August in Edinburgh, Scotland is festival time.

My Buddy Mario A True World Traveller and Conoisseur of Intercultural Experiences - In the 16 years that I have known my friend Mario I have heard many different tales of his world travels and he is one of those people who have lived, worked and hitchhiked through different exotic countries.

Enjoy Your Next Vacation in Switzerland - Switzerland is a small, landlocked country in the heart of Europe.

Stardom in Huainan Spring China - I step out of my apartment to soak in the outdoors and the music of nature that's come alive again.

East African Safari - Lodge Safaris in Tanzania ? I will try to avoid the travel clichés of ? ?unique? ? ?off the beaten track? and ?renown for?? these tired and overused terms are used over and over again for almost every destination in Africa.

The Diverse Saadani National Park - Saadani National Park is becoming increasingly popular because if it?s easy access from Dar Es Salaam.

A Tale of Whales and a Whale of a Tour - The big black and white killer whale -- his four-foot sail-like dorsal fin erect and rising from a long sleek black and white body -- came slicing rapidly through the water, seemiingly on a collision course with our vessel.

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