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The Many Faces Of Disney World

There's no getting around it, there is just something special and wondrous about Disney World. It not only brings forth the timeless memories of your childhood, precious thoughts of characters, but also brings forth a sense of excitement, happiness and utter fulfillment that you simply don't acquire while attending other places. The really great thing about Disneyworld is that it has truly earned its reputation for being a children's paradise, irrespective of your age. In fact, the many faces of Disneyworld attract many ages including toddlers through seniors. Therefore, when you plan your vacation to this magical and mystical place, take some time to truly enjoy the treasures including the four unique Disney Theme Parks, Disney Water Parks, and much more! Let the Fantasy Begin! As previously indicated, there is so much to see and experience so be prepared! There won't be enough time to do it all and you will feel compelled to come again and again to relive your fantasies.

There are several Disneyworld attraction that are destined to charm people of all ages including: Magic Kingdom® Park - A place where the Disney characters are brought to life. The many attractions include: Fantasyland - an enchanted place, where elephants fly and teacups spin! A place where the classic Disney characters come to life. Adventureland - where you encounter pirates and enjoy a jungle cruise. Liberty Square - where you step back into the past to see the newly formed United States of America. Mickey's Toontown Fair, Frontierland, Tommorowland, and Main Street USA, make up the other attractions.

Epcot® - Enjoy fascinating cultures and numerous wonders of the world through interactive experiences and shows. Future World - You can have Big Thrills by experiencing a liftoff into space and even test your driving skills on a challenging test track. Kids can see the underwater world and interact with Crush, in this underwater digital world. World Showcase - Showcases cultural celebration of eleven nations of the world, including Mexico, Norway, Germany, Italy, France, United Kingdom, Canada, Morocco, and the United States. Disney's Animal Kingdom® Theme Park - You can explore the pre-historic animal world and the world of animals on safari. Its many attractions include Discovery Island, The Oasis, Camp Minnie-Mickey, DinoLand USA, Asia, and Africa.

Learn what people of the world are doing to save animals and wild places, by taking a tour with Rafiki, the baboon from The Lion King, in Rafiki's Planet Watch and many more. Disney's Typhoon Lagoon - An exotic tropical paradise, where you can frolic with your family and friends. You can surf in a 2.

75 million gallon wave pool. Attractions include Storm Slides, Surfing, Gang Plank Falls (for family rafting), Keelhaul Falls and May Day Falls (for more rafting adventures), Castaway Creek, and Ketchakiddie Creek. At Shark Reef, you can snorkel with sharks! Disney-MGM Studios - An opportunity to see what happens behind the scenes. The fun filled attractions are: Mickey Avenue - a working studio lot. Sunset Boulevard - the classic Los Angeles thoroughfare. Hollywood Boulevard - Disney's version of Hollywood in its prime.

New York Street - A replica of New York City. Animation Courtyard - where you can meet your favorite Disney characters and see behind the scene animations. These are just some of the few faces of Disney World. There are endless possibilities of fantasy attractions for people of all age groups. This is a perfect recipe for a true family vacation! Go ahead and enjoy it and you'll be glad that you did! .

By: John Murray

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