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Surprises In Valencia Spain

I have been an avid visitor on my holiday to the city of Valencia since 1980, and only noticed slight improvements and changes as far as its tourist offers were concerned, but in the last five or six years, this city has so much to do that I find myself travelling there whenever I can. I have always been fascinated by the Saint Joseph Festival of Fallas, then came the opening of the first buildings in the complex called 'The City of the Arts and Sciences', with the last building just recently opened. But living on the coast, you indirectly get caught in the tidal wave of sailing and the Americas Cup event which started in Valencia on 26th of November 2003 and which has brought many people into the world of navigating. Yearly Valencia Happenings Valencia Fallas is a yearly happening which reaches its highest points on the night of March 19th after having initiated the beginning on March 15th with stunning carton monuments on almost every corner, half hour long fireworks every night, historical parades of the Moorish in the streets and the local people dressed up in their best brocade traditional outfits in a jovial religious procession bringing flowers to the Virgin of the Unsheltered ( the Patron Saint of Valencia). Another 'not to be missed' permanent attraction is the architecture which houses the now complete City of the Arts and Sciences.

There are four main buildings: + Oceanographic- with over 45,000 samples of 500 different species of underwater life including a special tank with sharks which you can walk under. + Museum of the Sciences Prince Philip- where you can participate in all kinds of experiments and learn a lot more about biology and genetics. + The Hemispheric- where you can sit back, choose and enjoy any of the three audio-visual shows, either at the Planetarium, the Laserium or on the gigantic screen watching documentaries where you feel you are an active part.

+ The Queen Sophia Palace of Arts - this was just opened in October 2005 with the presence of the Queen. Here, all visitors will be honoured with performing arts in theatre, opera and all kinds of dance exhibitions. Let's Monkey around in Valencia Spain If you are planning to travel to Valencia for whatever holiday at the end of next year, you will find yourself with the new Valencia Zoo or BioPark situated in a new green area and housing among other animals, over 250 species from the African savannah. Its to be 14 times bigger than the existing one and will take approximately six hours to see it all, but do not worry because the weather in Valencia is sunny and mild in winter.

The young and old will be able to enjoy seeing the natural habitats of all these different animals that one usually cannot contemplate unless you actually travel there. In 2006, there will also be more fleet and match races with the Americas Cup. Valencia will have three more Louis Vuitton Acts starting in May and continuing on into autumn. The port area will have undergone a big change and you can leisurely stroll around to get a close up view of the competing boats.

There is also an official store where you can get all the seafaring attire your heart desires. With all these new activities, the Valencia Airport has been making important improvements and has been gradually increasing its offer of flights from all over the world. There are new hotels and better transport for all those who wish to be an important part of Valencia Spain. .

By: Ciara McNamara

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