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London at the Centre of Europe

It's the main Financial Centre and full of History for those wanting to find out how it all began. From Lyons Coffee House to the Counting House to the London Stock Exchange. There are lots of Museums, Art Galleries, Theatres, Restaurants which show the multi-cultural width of people now living in London.

Popular Walks cover the Ghosts in the City, Murders in the East, Building that represent the trades who helped establish the City of London and the Thames Walk along either side of the River Thames which flows through the centre of London.The night life beats with Pubs and having recorded music and live bands and then later on with "Lockins" or of to the many clubs in and around the centre. Groups like the Rolling Stones and Jethroe Tull started in the clubs and areans in London.The South Bank Theatres cover plays, film and outside acting with the open roof Globe, based on the site of the original Shakespeare Theatre. On the North of London in Regents Park is another open-air Theatre with plays on for the Summer months. Again in Greenwich Park and also the location of Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) marked with a metal line and east and west latitude.

Shopping covers Oxford Street, Bond Street, Regent Street, Kensington and Knightsbridge with Harrods and Harvey Nicols down Sloane Street to Sloane Square. With the most expensive properties in London, there are other areas not far behind with Hampstead and Richmond etc.Low-cost Flights to Eastern and Western Europe encourage stag weekends in a wide range of European Cities (i.

e. Warsaw, Berlin, Barcellona and Amsterdam). Also good deals with the Eurostar train service from London to Paris and Brussels. Eric Sutherland http://www.ghostwriter.



Grew up in Edinburgh and had to go to speech classes to learn English as a foreign language. Left at 21 and moved to London for a couple of years and then got foot loose and started working around Western Europe. Followed by the USA, Canada and North Africa. Paris was my first location and resulted in endless visitors from friends sisters and relations, all expecting beds, tours and meals out. ! Luckly I worked there on expenses and got good deals at most places. Returned from Germany in 1982 to London and have been based here since.

By: Eric Sutherland

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