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Key West Florida

Key West is a part of the Lower Keys and is known as the southernmost city in Florida. More commonly known as the Conch Republic, it is a seaport and a favorite tourist destination too. The climatic conditions are mild and resemble the Caribbean islands, making the island an automatic choice for vacations.There is huge gay and lesbian population, mainly due to the eccentric or easygoing attitude of the people here.Places You Will Enjoy.The island is a host to beaches, parks, and resorts.

The list of attractions runs long. Starting from the Ernest Hemingway museum, there are a lot of places to visit. You can also take the ghost tour. You can hardly miss any place, as the island is a small one.Coming to the beaches, you can choose a busy one like Smathers beach, which provides water sports and volleyball games facilities. There are beautiful gardens, ball fields and tennis courts.

Fishing and kayaking are good activities for more adventure?loving people. For those who love the arts, there are movie theatres ? the Tennessee Williams, which stages live performances of dance, concerts and plays and movies. You can choose trolley or train tours. There are several ancient buildings, which have been renovated and remodeled, like the Mansion Inn, Donkey Milk House Museum, Casa Antigua, Audubon House and Gardens, Robert Frost Cottage, Hemingway House and more.There are also historical buildings, like the Old City Hall and Wrecker's Museum, Old Customs House, Shipwreck Historeum and more.There are a lot of other pastimes too.

There is a golf course ? a public 200-acre 18-hole course, located amidst beautiful scenery. The Key West Aquarium was built in 1935 and claimed to be the world's first open-air aquarium.There are industries that manufacture cigars, fabrics and aloe products.Events to Cherish.To add more color, there are plenty of events scheduled throughout the year and more so in the peak season of January ? June. The prominent among the celebrations is the Fantasy Fest ? a weeklong party.

Every day the sunset celebration is held at the Mallory Dock, with live performances done by the street artists, jugglers, musicians and all others gathered there.A trip to the Florida Keys will be complete only if you visit Key West. Even though it is a tiny island, it holds most of the history behind the Keys. The principle adopted by the people here is unity in diversity, which is clearly seen when you walk down, for example, Duval Street.

Here, the cultural influence of the neighboring areas is clearly seen.True to its history of being the second oldest city in the Florida Keys, Key West abounds in natural beauty and historical monuments too.

.Florida Keys provides detailed information on Florida Keys, Key West Florida, Key Largo Florida, Florida Keys Vacations and more. Florida Keys is affiliated with Key West Real Estate.

By: Thomas Morva

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