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Hawaiian Luau History and Fun Facts

The traditional feast in Hawaii was once referred to as the 'aha 'aina and was used to celebrate many events including coming of age and visitors. The modern term Luau may have originated from the great coed feasts of the Hawaiian King Kamehameha II. In traditional Hawaii men and women were not allowed to eat together and all women were forbidden to eat certain kinds of foods in Hawaii.King Kamehameha II abolished these laws and many other religious laws in the year 1819.

He validated this change in tradition by having a symbolic feast with women invited. At this feast one of the main dishes involved the wrapping of chicken in the young leaves of the Taro plant and baking it in coconut milk. This dish was called 'Luau' and as a result of its being one of the main courses of these feasts the feasts themselves came to be called 'Luaus.'.Traditional Luaus are eaten on the ground, with food place on Ti Leaves that cover a type of woven mat called the 'Lauhala' mats. Guests at Luau's receive Leis as they arrive on the scene.

The Lei is a necklace or headdress of woven flowers or shells and is given as a display of affection. Also when dressing up for the Luau women can place a flower behind their right or left ear. Placing a flower over the left ear indicates that one is taken or in a relationship and placing a flower over the right ear indicates that one is available.Hawaii is a melting pot of Asian and Polynesian cultures so Luaus are often sprinkled with influences from other cultures. For example Rice has become a popular side dish to include at the luau party and many Hawaiians are fond of Spam and spend time looking for ways to create interesting recipes with it. Elvis and Don Ho both created albums with songs about Hawaii that are popular to play at Luaus.

And the dangerous, yet thrilling, fire dance often seen at professional Luaus is really of Samoan origin.

.Mrs. Party.

Gail Leino is the internet's leading authority on selecting the best possible party supplies, using proper etiquette and manners while also teaching organizational skills and fun facts. Luau Party Shop has luau party supplies to help complete your Hawaiian themed event.Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Gail_Leino.


By: Gail Leino

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