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Granada SpainAn Essential Guide

Granada with a population of about a quarter of a million is located in Andalusia in southern Spain. As in the rest of Spain, the Euro is the legal currency. During Spring and Autumn, the climate is perfect with warm sunny days. In July & August it can become very hot, with 40 degrees Celsius not unusual, although it is not a humid climate so the heat is bearable.

During the winter months, the nights can be cold but generally Granada has a pleasant climate right the year round.The history of the city goes back to prehistoric times when the settlement was known as Ilbyr. During the Roman colonization of Spain, the name Ilisbris was bestowed upon the region, and it was not until the Arabs took control in the eighth century that the name Granada came into being. The city was the last Muslim city to fall under Christian control, late in the fifteenth century.Like other cities in the region, the Moorish influence is evident in the architecture of Granada with the prime example being the Alhambra, a collections of palaces and gardens dating back to the fourteenth century.

This fine compound of impressive structures and lawns stands at the foot of the Sierra Nevada mountains overlooking the city and is a must-see for anyone visiting Granada.The Arab district known as Albayzin is a popular part of the city with visitors. It is a delightful network of narrow streets and little squares and affords a terrific view over the Alhambra. The architecture is stunning and this area has been declared a World heritage site by UNESCO.Eating out in Granada is an enjoyable experience. As well as the many tapas bars, there are a number of fine restaurants serving excellent food.

Regional and Arab cuisine is also to be found in many of the local eateries. A good place to go is Calle Caldereria where there a number of restaurants to chose from.For a relatively small and historical city, Granada offers a surprising choice of nightlife.

There are a large number of pubs and clubs, many of which stay open till the early hours of the morning. One of the best to check out is Bar Pilar del Toro which is located at Plaza Santa Ana 12. This venue is attached to a famous restaurant and the place where the cool set go. As nightspots go, this really is a unique place being a 400 year old building and offering its clients a lovely, covered patio with a fountain and comfortable sofas. Check it out ? it must be one of the most chic bars in Europe.

There is a large student population in Granada which ensures a lively atmosphere in the city, and with its beautiful climate, cultural and architectural significance and proximity to Spain's wonderful beaches, Granada is a splendid place to visit at any time of the year.

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By: Dara Ward

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