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Going on a trip to France, Germany or any of the European nations on a limited budget requires comprehensive planning and research. The first step would be to find cheap air tickets, since airfares make a huge chunk of the total cost of an international trip. Quite a few air travel agencies offer cheap fares for students, or vacation packages for large groups. Another option is to travel during the off-season, when you can get cheaper flights and better value for your money in terms of accommodation.

Furthermore, some frequent pleasure travelers swear by the method of waiting for underbooked flights to offer up vastly discounted seats at the very last minute. This method can be tricky, and it takes practice, but if you have the extra time and are on a budget, go for it. As for hotels, some discount hotels even offer slashed prices after November.A discount trip might mean forgoing the luxurious spread at the pricey restaurant listed in the guidebooks, but you can still enjoy some great regional specials from cafes and smaller restaurants, thus absorbing the local culture.

This is a great way to learn to blend in. If you are not carrying loads of cash around, or at least look ""normal"", you will have a higher chance of being mistaken for a native.Budget travelers, students and vacation planners can find fantastic tips on the Internet to make that really affordable trip to Europe.

There are websites that specially cater to students and the backpacking community, which a budget traveler can scour for invaluable tips, such as Studentuniverse.com and guideforeurope.com.

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