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Cody Wyoming

Out in front of The Cody, Wyoming Chamber of Commerce is an enormous bronze statue of two cowboys shaking hands on horses. Cody and the surrounding areas are growing very nicely and the downtown district is alive with tourists and travelers who come to take part in the history of the Old West. The Cody Chamber has an interesting past in itself.

Check out their web site at;.http://www.codychamber.org/.For us to say that Cody, Wyoming would be a most excellent place for a small business is an understatement; lots of tourism, money flow and just good folks; its all good. We loved our visit to Cody and we love the way they do business there, with a handshake, the old fashioned way.

There is nothing like doing business amongst friends and Cody is that type of town and it's business community works hard and they stick together. Also very much worth seeing is Buffalo Bill Historic Center. The Buffalo Bill Historic Center is located in Northwestern Wyoming. It serves as a gateway to Yellowstone National Park, and houses five museums about the wild frontier. The collection of Fire Arms housed here that is the largest Western Collection in the World.

The Krindler Gallery of Contemporary Western Art was donated by personal family friends of mine and is a Western Treasure. It takes a good solid day to see the entire array of exhibits and art. The collection is by far the finest Western Collection in the World.

Most of the Museum is free and is paid through donations. It is the jewel of Wyoming and it is a must see for anyone traveling to Wyoming or visiting the state park. Visit the Buffalo Bill Historic center on line website:.http://www.bbhc.org/index_flash.

cfm.Our early American History is important to us as well as the American Indians which are also featured with their own special museum. We also recommend the Cody Wyoming the rodeo capitol of the world while you are there. We visited the Rodeo Capitol of The World in order to continue our family tradition as part of the Equestrian crowd. Tere at Stampede Park we found ourselves amongst friends from all over the country who came to participate and some to compete for a chance to win.

Every night at 8:30 there is a rodeo and the stands are packed. Even with the forecast of thunderstorms looming, there were people everywhere, and the parking lot was full. Cody, WY is one of the Rodeo Capitols of The World; there is no doubt.

You owe to yourself to visit this wonderful Western Town of Wyoming. See you there.

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By: Lance Winslow

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