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Birds by National Parks of Tanzania

Bellow is very brief commentary on what birds you will expect to find in the more accessible and popular National Parks of Tanzania; that is from the birders point of view. You won't find an exhalable list of birds as there is not room here and that would make for tedious reading. We have just the edited highlights here, what to expect and where and of course when to visit each area; the best time for game viewing and the best time for spotting birds can vary.

Northern Tanzania: Kilimanjaro National Park is extremely rich in birdlife on the lower slopes on the rainforest and the moorland region. It is possible to spend a day or two here just to explore and spot birds on the lower slopes of Africa's tallest mountain.Ngorongoro Crater and Lake Natron also in northern Tanzania; there many birds to be seen in the crater area and as it covers a relatively small area many species can be seen in one day of bird spotting. There are the thousands of flamingoes to see at Lake Natron and surrounding soda lakes and it is known as a flamingo hot spot. The best time for flamingo viewing is in January and February.

The adjoining Serengeti National Park has sweeping grasslands that make viewing the many birds in the area a delight. The Tarangire in the dry season is a birdwatchers delight and should not be missed off your itinerary.Mkomazi Game Reserve - North-eastern Tanzania has over 400 recorded species including hornbills, weavers and guinea-fowl which are all present in large numbers - as well as such striking species as the martial eagle and violet wood-hoopoe.

Western Tanzania: Wembere Swamps is less accessible and more for the seasoned traveler. To make it to the western part of the country is worth the effort though as it is truly Africa away from the madding crowds. Watch out for large, breeding colonies of big wading birds like herons, ibis and storks. Uwanda National Park again claims many species of bird such as grey parrot, red shark and woodpecker. Katavi National Park is remote and receiving more attention as it is a park with plenty of big game [as well as birds] and enjoys the luxury of practically no lodges or tourists.

More than 400 bird species occur here and the park is home to large flocks of pelican; as well as the go-away-bird, pale-billed hornbill, white-winged babbling starling and Tanzania masked weaver.Lake Rukwa in Southern Tanzania is situated on a seasonally flooded plain which sees large numbers of various different bird species in the wet season. Ruaha National is known for its bird populations like Dickinson's kestrel, violet-crested traco, pale-billed hornbill, racquet-tailed roller and Eleonora's falcon. October to November and March to April are the best times to visit these areas.Lake Victoria Rubondo Island National Park ? this island has no roads and only one vehicle is allowed on the island with close to 400 species can be seen here, including fish eagle, heron, stork, ibises, cormorant, martial eagle, goliath heron, sacred ibis and kingfisher.

The island serves as a breeding ground and stopover for fowl from east and Central Africa, Europe, and South America.We have not mentioned the Udzungwa Mountains, the Selous Game Reserve or the Usambara Mountains all having a large number of migratory and endemic birds. Tanzania offers a friendly welcoming environment in a rather troubled continent ensuring its ever increasing popularity with overseas visitors.


For more detailed information see http://wwwbetheladventure.co.uk and for a non-tourist information page see http://www.

tanzania-info.co.uk support responsible tourism and change lives.

By: Ian Williamson

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